The different types of cocktails and the ingredients to make each one can differ slightly from one another. For example, some drinks are sour and some are sweet. However, you should be aware that sugar is not always the best way to add sweetness. Alcohol and cold drinks make it hard for granulated sugar to dissolve, so cocktail syrups are a good way to add some sweetness to your cocktails.

Simple syrup

Simple syrup is made by mixing sugar and water. The syrup can be made thick or thin depending on your preference. You can also add herbs, fruits or other flavorings to the syrup. After mixing the ingredients together, the syrup should be transferred to a glass jar and stored in the refrigerator for up to three weeks.

White rum

White rum is a versatile spirit that is used to make different types of cocktails. It is produced in 80 countries and comes in a wide range of proofs. Its flavor shines through when combined with other ingredients in a cocktail. Some classic recipes include the Mai Tai and the Daiquiri. There are also a lot of fun new drinks available, like the Across the Pacific.

Grapefruit juice

Grapefruit juice is a citrus fruit juice that is rich in vitamin C and is sweet-tart to very sour. You can use the juice from white, pink, or ruby red grapefruit.

Cranberry juice

Using cranberry juice in cocktails can enhance the flavor of these beverages. For example, the classic Cape Cod cocktail can be improved with cranberry juice and lychee liqueur. These two flavors can work together to give the cocktail a tropical flavor.


There are several variations of the classic gin cocktail, including one that uses fresh lime juice and sugar. This drink is refreshing and sweet. It’s not the drink you associate with scurvy, but a good alternative if you don’t want to overdo it. To serve the gin cocktail, pour it over fresh ice and top it off with tonic water. If you want to add a garnish, a lime wheel or a shiso leaf will do.

Club soda

Club soda is a carbonated water drink that contains added minerals and is used in making different types of cocktails. Its taste can be salty or sweet and has a refreshing effect on your taste buds. The beverage is versatile enough to be used with any booze. Here are 10 cocktail recipes you can make with club soda.


Grenadine is a colorful syrup that is used to make different types of cocktails. This syrup is derived from pomegranates, and the flavor is tart and sweet. Traditionally, it was made by mixing the juice of a pomegranate with sugar, lemon juice, and other ingredients. Modern grenadine syrup may also include maraschino cherry juice. Whatever the case, it is a vital ingredient for any cocktail during the summer months.